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Raw Peanuts With Sesame 90 Grams

Raw Peanuts With Sesame 90 Grams

Raw Peanuts With Sesame 90 Grams



Sesame Raw Peanuts is prepared by coating carefully selected and roasted peanuts with a special flavour. This snack, which stands out with its naturalness and taste, allows you to have a pleasant time while entertaining your palate with crunchy peanuts, which are a source of high fibre and natural protein.

🥜 Peanut (48.9%): Peanut, the main component of Sesame Raw Peanut, is a natural source of protein and fibre. It draws attention with its nutritious properties.
🌱 Sesame (16.3%): Sesame adds a special flavour and crunch to Raw Peanut. Sesame is also a natural source of protein.
🍫 Cocoa: Cocoa is a taste additive that complements the flavour of Raw Peanuts.
🍂 Cinnamon: Cinnamon is added to the content of Raw Peanuts to enhance the aroma and flavour integrity.
🌿 Natural Beet Sugar: The sweetness of Raw Peanut is provided by natural beet sugar.
Raw Peanut is a healthy and delicious snack option with its special formula that does not contain preservatives, chemicals and additives. You can enjoy the natural flavour by purchasing Sesame Raw Peanuts from our e-commerce site immediately. Choose Sesame Raw Peanuts for a healthy and enjoyable snack!