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about us

Anında Bitiyo is a brand founded in Niğde, Turkey in 2019.

Originally known as Temizcim, our company rapidly developed its passion for quality and innovation and invested in its brand with the aim of offering more exclusive and carefully crafted products to its consumers. In our modern production facility established in the Organized Industrial Zone, all processes, from collecting our products from the field, to processing, roasting, combining them with natural seasonings and packaging, are carried out in accordance with the highest food standards and food safety conditions.

Anında Bitiyo has created a sectoral difference in the nuts industry by using different roasting and coating techniques with the innovative and natural mixtures it produces.

As Instant Bitiyo, our mission is; Our aim is to add energy to every moment with our snack flavors and to provide superior quality with freshness and naturalness. We aim to add pleasure to every moment by combining the fresh flavors of nature with our passion for quality and our innovative approach.

Our vision is; Our aim is to be a leading snack brand on a global scale, with flavors inspired by nature and adding energy to the consumer's life. We aim to achieve sustainable quality worldwide by keeping our quality at the highest level, meeting customer demands and constantly improving our product processing processes. As Anış Bitiyo, we promise to provide our consumers with energetic moments with our commitment to naturalness, freshness and quality. In delivering on this promise, we are proud to do our job with passion and make a positive impact on the lives of our consumers.