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Apple Balls - 90 Grams

Apple Balls - 90 Grams

Apple Balls - 90 Grams



Apple Balls are a snack carefully prepared with natural dried apples, cinnamon and peanuts. You will experience a big change in your snacking habits by meeting this unique taste. Produced entirely using local products, Apple Balls offer you healthy snack options with their naturalness and healthy content.

🍎 Dried Apple (25.6%): Natural dried apple is one of the main ingredients of Apple Balls. It is the cornerstone of flavor with its natural sweetness and apple flavor.

🥜 Peanuts (20.5%): Peanuts add both a nutritious ingredient and a crunchy touch to Apple Balls.

🌰 Hazelnuts (10.2%): Nutritious hazelnuts are an ingredient used to complement the taste of Apple Balls.

🍯 Honey (10.2%): Used as a natural sweetener, honey supports the sweetness and texture of Apple Balls.

🌿 Cinnamon: Cinnamon adds a special aroma and taste to Apple Balls.

🌱 Special Spicy Peanut Flour Special Mixture (12.8%): This special mixture contains spices such as peanuts, ground nutmeg, ginger and cloves. This mixture provides Apple Balls with a unique flavor and aroma.

🌿 Natural Beet Sugar : Natural beet sugar used as the natural sweetener of Apple Balls is a healthy option.

🍇 Grape Molasses (7.1%): Grape molasses adds sweetness and natural binding properties to Apple Balls.

🌿 Vanillin, Butter, Vegetable Source Glycerol Monostearate : These are some of the special ingredients of Apple Balls.

Apple Balls are a healthy and delicious snack option with their special formula that does not contain preservatives, chemicals and additives. You can embark on a sweet journey of natural flavor by purchasing Apple Balls from our e-commerce site now. Choose Apple Balls for a healthy and enjoyable snack and enjoy the taste!