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Acito Peanuts 75 Grams

Acito Peanuts 75 Grams

Acito Peanuts 75 Grams



Acito Peanuts offers a unique and natural flavor to hot lovers with the combination of aromatic spices with various peppers. Acito Pistachio offers a feast of flavor with its high quality agricultural and herbal ingredients.

🌶️ HARMONY OF CHILI AND SPICES: Acito Peanuts, which is a combination of dried peppers and various spices, has won the appreciation of hot lovers. The perfect harmony of aromatic spices combines with peanuts to create a unique flavor.

🌿 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Acito Peanut has completely natural ingredients and does not contain any additives. While offering a natural and healthy snack experience, it does not compromise on flavor.

🌰 PEANUT QUALITY (80%): Using the freshest and most delicious peanuts, we offer a quality snack. Acito Peanut stands out as a nutritious and satisfying option.

🌶️ ACITO SPECIAL SPICE MIX (5%): The special spice blend that creates the unique flavor of Acito Peanuts is enriched with spices such as onion powder, oregano, basil, garlic powder, paprika and black pepper. These spices create Acito Pistachio's characteristic spicy and aromatic flavor profile.

Acito Peanuts has become not only a snack but also an indispensable flavor for spicy lovers. You can find different size and package options on our e-commerce site and order immediately.

Take your snack experience to the next level with quality, natural and delicious Acito Peanuts! Discover unique hot and spicy flavors. Join the Acito family and step into a different flavor experience!