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Dutella - Mulberry & Date Hazelnut Paste

Dutella - Mulberry & Date Hazelnut Paste

Dutella - Mulberry & Date Hazelnut Paste



Mulberry & Date Dutella is a flavor that does not contain any added oil other than natural hazelnut oil. It does not contain any additives such as thickeners, preservatives, colorants, brighteners, artificial sweeteners, flavourings, palm oil and trans fat.

🌰 Hazelnuts (30.6%): The highest quality hazelnuts are the main ingredient that creates the flavor of Mulberry & Date Dutella. By blending it with the natural oil of hazelnuts, a creamy and satisfying flavor is obtained.

🥜 Peanut (21.8%): It is another important ingredient that adds a rich aroma to Mulberry & Date Dutella. Peanuts complete the flavor profile and add a unique touch to its taste.

🍇 Mulberry Flour (14.5%): Mulberry flour obtained from dried natural mulberries adds a unique taste and intense flavor to Mulberry & Date Dutella.

🌱 Natural Beet Sugar: Mulberry & Date Dutella, where natural beet sugar is used, is produced with natural sweeteners and no sugar is added.

🌴 Date Paste: Date paste, obtained by crushing delicious dates, contributes to the natural taste and density of Mulberry & Date Dutella.

🌰 Vanilla Extract: Natural vanilla extract adds a unique aroma and taste to Mulberry & Date Dutella.

🍫 Cocoa: Cocoa, which forms the chocolate notes of Mulberry & Date Dutella, completes the taste experience.

🥥 Coconut Oil: Adding an extra touch to Mulberry & Date Dutella, coconut oil enriches its flavour.

🌻 Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin): Sunflower lecithin is a natural emulsifier that provides the consistency of Mulberry & Date Dutella.

Mulberry & Date Dutella is a flavor that will change your breakfast habits. Enjoy the natural flavor in every bite and add flavor to your breakfasts!

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