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Peanuts Butter With Honey - 325 Grams

Peanuts Butter With Honey - 325 Grams

Peanuts Butter With Honey - 325 Grams



Honey Peanut Butter is a completely additive-free and natural flavor. Honey Peanut Butter, which comes to your table with the perfect harmony of peanuts and honey, is both a healthy and delicious breakfast.

🥜 Peanuts (70%): The highest quality peanuts constitute the main ingredient of Honey Peanut Butter. The natural flavor and crunchy texture of peanuts complement the taste of this delicious spread.

🍯 Honey (20%): Honeys that give Honey Peanut Butter a sweet aroma and natural taste are carefully selected. Using honey as a natural sweetener ensures that the product is natural and healthy.

🌱 Natural Beet Sugar: Honey Peanut Butter is produced using natural beet sugar. It is sweetened with natural sweeteners without adding sugar.

🥥 Coconut Oil: Coconut oil adds an extra flavor to Honey Peanut Butter. Coconut oil, which contains natural and healthy fatty acids, increases the nutritional value of the product.

🌾 Vanilla Extract: Natural vanilla extract adds a unique aroma and taste to Honey Peanut Butter. The extract from natural vanilla pods complements the flavor of the product.

🧂 Salt: A pinch of salt is used to balance the flavor of Honey Peanut Butter and bring out the flavors.

Honey Peanut Butter is completely natural and additive-free. You can order Honey Peanut Butter from our e-commerce site and have a healthy breakfast experience.