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Cocoa Hazelnut Cookie Paste 325 Grams - Pack of 3

359.70TL 323.90TL
Cocoa Hazelnut Cookie Paste 325 Grams - Pack of 3

Cocoa Hazelnut Cookie Paste 325 Grams - Pack of 3

359.70TL 323.90TL


Cocoa & Hazelnut Cookie Paste offers you the unique taste of mother's cookies by packing them into jars. This special paste produced by Instan Bitiyo touches your dreams with its wonderful cocoa and hazelnut flavor.

🍪 Cookie Flour (76.9%): Consisting of the highest quality ingredients, cookie flour contains components such as butter, sunflower oil, powdered sugar, starch, eggs, wheat flour and vanillin. It reflects the taste of cookies perfectly.

🌰 Hazelnut Paste (19.2): Hazelnut paste, obtained by grinding delicious hazelnuts, is blended with natural beet sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, honey and natural hazelnut oil. This combination creates the rich and satisfying taste of the paste.

🌾 Tahini (%3.2): Produced from specially selected sesame seeds, tahini adds a unique flavor to cocoa & hazelnut cookie paste.

🥥 Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that provides the perfect consistency and texture of the spread.

💧 Sunflower Lecithin: It is a natural emulsifier that ensures the paste has a homogeneous structure.

🍋 Citric Acid: Natural citric acid is used to balance the flavor of the paste and add a fresh aroma.

Cocoa & Hazelnut Cookie Paste will be the favorite of all cookie fans with its spreadable and perfect consistency. Try this special flavor that suits your health and taste now and make your dreams come true!

You can order Cocoa & Hazelnut Cookie Paste from our e-commerce website and enjoy this unique taste!