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Balto Chickpeas 75 Grams

Balto Chickpeas 75 Grams

Balto Chickpeas 75 Grams



Balto makes a difference in the world of healthy snacks with a unique combination of natural flavors! Balto, created by combining pumpkin, chestnut honey, grape molasses, spices and more, is an option that stands out with its taste.

🎃 PUMPKIN AND CHESTNUT HONEY (%2): The pumpkin and chestnut honey in its content adds a sweet and aromatic flavor to Balto. These natural and nutritious ingredients make your snacking experience more enjoyable.

🌿 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Balto is produced using natural ingredients and does not contain any additives. While it prioritizes your health, it preserves its naturalness and taste.

🌰 ROASTED LEBLEBEI (80%): We offer a delicious and satisfying snack by using high quality and fresh roasted chickpeas. Roasted chickpea is an option with high nutritional value as well as being a source of energy.

🍯 GRAPE MOLAS (2%): Grape molasses, which adds a sweet touch to Balto, is used as a natural sweetener. It gets its flavor from natural sources and sweetens your snacking experience.

🌶️ AROMA OF SPICES (5%): The special spice mixture used in Balto adds depth to the taste profile. Spices such as nutmeg powder, nutmeg, turmeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and allspice offer a unique aroma.

BALTO is not just a snack, but also the meeting point of natural flavors. You can find different size and package options on our e-commerce site and order immediately.

Take your snacking experience to the next level with healthy and delicious BALTO! Enjoy natural flavors and feel the delicious taste in every bite. Join the BALTO family and experience a unique taste!