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Anasos Chickpeas 10 Pack

299.90TL 254.90TL
Anasos Chickpeas 10 Pack

Anasos Chickpeas 10 Pack

299.90TL 254.90TL


Anasos Chickpea is a flavor prepared with magnificent anise, sesame, cardamom and cumin. This unique flavor will be indispensable especially for anise lovers.


🌟 ANASOS: Anasos Chickpea, which contains many spices such as star anise, coriander, bay leaf and rosemary, does not contain additives, preservatives, colorants or flavorings. Consisting entirely of herbal ingredients, Anasos Chickpea is a healthy and delicious snack.


Anasos Chickpea has a taste that will change your snacking habits. Anasos Chickpea, produced entirely from natural and herbal ingredients, is a healthy product that does not contain additives.


🌰 ROASTED LEBLEBI (80%): Anasos Chickpea, prepared with the highest quality roasted chickpeas, offers a crispy snack with the roasting process. The natural flavor of roasted chickpea is complemented by the combination of Anasos with spices.


🌿 SPECIAL ANESOS MIX (10%): The special Anasos mixture, prepared with carefully selected spices such as star anise, cardamom, onion powder, garlic powder, coriander, sesame and bay leaf, adds a unique anise aroma and taste to roasted chickpeas.


💯 NATURAL INGREDIENT: Anasos Chickpea is a 100% natural snack that does not contain additives. It offers a pleasant snack experience with its healthy and delicious content.


Anasos Chickpea is a flavor preferred by snack lovers. You can find Anasos Roasted Chickpea with different size and package options on our e-commerce site and order immediately.


Take your snacking experience to the next level with natural and delicious Anasos Chickpea! Anasos Chickpea, where anise, sesame, cardamom and cumin meet with roasted chickpea, offers a unique taste in every bite.