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Does he use the "Dry Roasting" Technique?

Does he use the "Dry Roasting" Technique?

Why Does Instant Finish Use the "Dry Roasted" Technique?

A unique snacking experience requires the right method. This is exactly where Instan Bitiyo's special "Dry Kavrum" technique comes into play. Thanks to this innovative method, we obtain our healthy and delicious products. So, why does this technique stand out?

Preserving Naturalness: Instant Bitiyo preserves naturalness with the "Dry Roasting" technique that we use for the first and only time in Turkey. Unlike traditional cookie methods, our cookies are first dry roasted and then their natural oils are evaporated. Thus, we ensure the balance of taste and health without adding extra fat to our products.

Respect for Your Health: The sauce process of classic industrial cookies is usually done with high fat content. However, as Anında Bitiyo, we use natural oils in the best possible way. In this way, while our products respect your health, we do not compromise on taste. The "Dry Roasted" technique maximizes flavor while minimizing the amount of fat.

No Industrial Sauces: Instant Bitiyo products do not contain industrial sauce ingredients. We obtain all our condiments and spices from natural sources. This guarantees the naturalness and purity of our products. Processing our cookies with the "Dry Roasting" technique before coating them gives us a great advantage in preserving the natural flavors.

If you would like to try Indir Bitiyo's delicious snacks produced with the "Dry Kavrum" technique, visit our website immediately. Experience naturalness and taste together!

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